Paper log Written on October 24, 2008, by .

Every day newspapers at the news stand end up as trash. Every yesterday newspapers in our homes are added to that pile. Kranthout winds the pages so tightly together that it resembles a log of wood. Kranthout (newspaperwood) even has the same structure and pattern as wood. What furniture can be built is yet to be discovered. Label Vij5 is working on it as we speak.

Wings for children Written on October 23, 2008, by .

Surplus architects 2012 are making more and more projects hence cleaning up some trash. Last week the playground Wikado, built of 5 wind mill wings with small cracks. Each year 200 wings are let down. Therefore 2012Architects gave each of the 40 assigned socially challenging neighbourhoods in the Netherlands a set of five and a free design on how to build it.

Green cheeks Written on October 15, 2008, by .

Organic underwear sounds like dull colours, grandma’s fit and fibres where you want softness. Greenknickers however makes fun and fashionable undies. A boxer in bamboo, co2 friendly locally produced and recycled Star Wars undies or strings with a global warming logo where water level rises with your body heat. Not your style? Choose Pants for poverty or check out this Underwear top 5.

Kill Billy Written on September 7, 2008, by .

Although the products of Ikea are well thought through, after some time the design often falls out of style. Ikea hacking gives Billy and Hakan a second life by adding some style of your own. Platform21 and my favorite commissioner Bright magazine are holding a contest for the best flatpack hack. Competition is high! Winner will showcase on the Montreal Design Biennale.

Reverse graffiti Written on August 25, 2008, by .

Alexandre OrionIs graffiti pollution? Not in the way Alexandre Orion does it. In the Sao Paolo tunnels that are blackened by exhaust gasses, he paints thousands of skulls by wiping away the soot. His graffiti draws attention to pollution. And cleaning can never be illegal, now can it? Few people know he washes the cleaning cloth and paints canvasses with the soot. Now that’s what I call superuse.

One euro jewellery Written on August 20, 2008, by .

Sander StadaThe DOGtime program of the famous art school Rietveld has produced its first graduates. I like the figurative power of the work by Sander Stada. He makes bracelets, rings and cuffs out of daily products like suppository pills or stuff from the one-euro-shop. Creative enough to make the cut for the Bright Bunch article I am writing that scouts the best Dutch design graduates of 2008.

building material ebay Written on August 8, 2008, by .

We do not need recycled materials that have been melted, grinded, glued and transported once again. 2012Architects prove building with surplus materials in their original form is a full alternative to regular building. The database they’ve started to visualise the flow of material, titled Recyclicity, has gone offline. Who wants adopt this building materials ebay?

How to superuse Written on July 21, 2008, by .

Old products find new uses. Superuse is a creative way of going green. Good thing is, you can do it yourself. You don’t have to change the product in any industrial way, except for the way you look at it. Broken clothing hangers make a necklace, cd spindles are a bagle lunchbox, two dustbins make a handbag. Feed your find to this online community.

Recycled food Written on July 6, 2008, by .

Tomatoes, today’s bread, ripe fruits and everything else marketpeople will throw away at 1700 hours, form the ingredients for the Leftovers restaurant. Spiced up with herbs found in the forest where the restaurant is located, you can eat a 3 course dinner for only 10 euros at the picnicpyramide.

Wikado wings Written on June 19, 2008, by .

Each year 200 wings of Dutch windmills turn into surplus material. The wind- and weatherproof wings make excellent building material for a playground with huge entrance posts, a labyrinth and panna goal posts, thought waste architects 2012. Building has begun. This summer Wikado will open it’s grounds in Rotterdam.

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