Analogue website Written on August 31, 2009, by .

What to do when you’re  writer and are asked to make an exposition? The analogue website is the paper version of the website you’re visiting now. No fancy font but by hand, no pictures but the real thing, no weblinks but a post-it for you to take home. To be touched from August 28 at Witte de Withstraat in Rotterdam in galery Aanschouw. I’m nr. 1 in 10x Van Lieshout.

Hey ho, let’s go Written on July 15, 2009, by .

Finally. I can sell this 100 horsepower carbon burning machinery and switch to electric. The long awaited Enertia by Brammo hit the market. 12,000 dollar is not cheap, neither expensive for a bike. 180 kilo’s of weight can become 130, but 250 km/h top speed will then be 90 km/h. But hey, it will be the talk of the cleaner town.

Mensch Maschine Written on July 3, 2009, by .

As if Kraftwerk is still the hippest band, Germany brings us a new ManMachine. It’s the combination of electricity and human legs that make eRockit drive as fast as 60 miles per hour. Looks are distinct enough to not be asociated with anything we already know (like powered pedalling bikes for your grandparents). Still waiting for e genuine 100 m/h electric bike I can afford however…

Human car Written on April 4, 2009, by .

A composite frame that resembles human bone structure, with a skin stretched around it that can illuminate. The KG-1 Concept car by KesselsGranger is designed around the human body. The driver sits in an active position, the passenger passive. Headlights are made of a fibre mesh. The high-tech textiles by TenCate can resist any hazard and are light or even lighting.

Friends foosball Written on February 23, 2009, by .

Kudos to my ex-homemate Lieke Ypma. The design for a foosball table she made at Audi in Ingolstadt 4 years ago has been produced. “The cars around me in the design studio were an inspiration. Since it takes 4 years for those cars to hit the streets, that was the ‘leadtime’ for my kickertisch too.” I fantasize the table in our livingroom has something to do with it too.

Data as bench Written on February 19, 2009, by .

According to satellite navigation, a bench moves every ten seconds. To make the inaccuracy of GPS visible, Jeremy Wood measured the locations of 2 standard parkbenches in the Amsterdam Beatrixpark. The sculpture Data Cloud shows where the benches were in that minute. Wood travels with a gps, exploring the borders between science, technology, art and geography.

Electric bike with style Written on February 6, 2009, by .

Although the Prius makes you look 15 years older than you are, the ‘different’ design is also its success. Likewise the Mission One EV does the same for motorbikes. Designed by Yves Behar, who also drew
for Mini, Birkenstock and Nike, the Special Edition is worth 70.000 dollar. Once those are sold, us normal people can buy the bike.

Silent motor, silent death? Written on September 8, 2008, by .

What happened to the fuel cell powered motorbike ENV? The worlds first production bike that rides on hydrogen by British Intelligent Energy was a feast for the eye and lungs. Last words were about certification in the UK, but now all sites are down. Did a silent engine die a silent death?

Up In Down Out Written on August 13, 2008, by .

dromology dromoscopieAs a writer I shouldn’t write about a subject of which I do not know location nor background. But these signs for directions in an unknown parking garage are so appealing to me, that I’ll post anyway. Using the fact that the person who the sign is for is in motion, a bucket of paint does the trick. Anamorphosis turns the lines into a floating picture. UPDATE feb 09: found it

2D or not 2D Written on July 24, 2008, by .

A thick layer of paint and laquer, preferably on different kinds of wood. That is what makes artist Ron van der Ende smile. Friends collect the leftover wood. Ron saws, sweats and beasts the boards and panelling into a 2 dimensional reliëf. The 3 dimensional illusion is dazzling. Cars, planes, ballons, pc’s, his sculptures are very easy and just as populair.

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