Don’t blame CO2 Written on November 25, 2008, by .

During the last ice-age CO2 levels were 10 times higher than now. Thus, Danish scientist Henrik Svensmark says, there is no connection between CO2 and global warming. So most of our measures don’t mean a thing. The warming is just a matter of spring. Before you buy a Hummer, natural resources like gas and oil will come to a stop. Then we’ld better be ready to move on.

Shape changing sunscreen Written on October 22, 2008, by .

SmartScreen lost the Green Challenge from fungus. Needless to say this indoor sunscreen makes much more beautiful pictures to match a magazine. It makes you think of the facade of L’ Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris. To make the SmartScreen change shape, no energy is needed. Only a change in temperature. Green and convenient.

Blossom lights the streets Written on October 17, 2008, by .

Three new green concepts by Philips: recycle program The circle of life, Green cuisine with partially cooled fridge and Light Blossom. This last one is an urban street light that transforms itself from a poetic power-generating landmark to a LED-light. When no one is around, Light Blossom glows at a minimum level. Your movement will bring it to life.

Two hours with Mr. Cradle to cradle Written on October 8, 2008, by .

A two hour exclusive interview with Michael Braungart, the cradle to cradle guru, tomorrow in Rotterdam. I’m feeling panicky. What an opportunity to ask him about his new book, what he feels about C2C not as a total solution but as only part of a proces to make implementation more practical, and what a designer who cannot pay for Braungarts chemical support can do to get involved. PS where did Bill McDonough go?

Bill Clintons green winner Written on October 4, 2008, by .

Greensulate, a fungus that grows in 14 days to be used instead of styrofoam is the winner of the PicNic Green Challenge. Runner uppers: routeRANK that navigates the shortest, fastest and CO2 friendliest route, Veranda Solar that makes a 150 dollar plug+play solar panel and SmartScreen that makes an Institut du Monde Arabe-like shape changing sunscreen.

Plastic holiday Written on October 3, 2008, by .

Back from holiday in Surinam, a former Dutch colony in the tropics. A country where ‘eco’ relates to low budgets. Where a shop sells autoparts next to watches, where a mosk lays next to a sinagoge. A country that is growing it’s own colony in the form of a garbage patch in the Atlantic, according to what I saw on the Surinam river banks. Thanks for a different view, Surinam!

Low Impact Man Written on September 12, 2008, by .

Steven Vroman Gent BelgiumAn average family uses 4,000 kWh of energy a year. Low Impact Man (Steven Vroman from Gent, Belgium) makes his families ecological footprint as small as possible: 1kWh a day. He bought a new fridge, washes full loads and threw out the micro-wave and iron. A cell phone, stereo, laptops and even a beamer are still cherished by Low Impact Man. Now he needs an appropriate superhero suit.

Sharing is caring Written on September 11, 2008, by .

clothing exchange party rotterdamSure you needed that shirt… Clothes that never leave your closet can be taken to Upperwarehouse where you’ll swap for other classy clothing. ‘It’s a social thing, saves money and your misfits don’t fly to Africa to be sorted and sent to Eastern countries.’ WATT sustainable dance club hosts a party to which you wear your newly exchanged dress. You might meet the ex-owner!

Silent motor, silent death? Written on September 8, 2008, by .

What happened to the fuel cell powered motorbike ENV? The worlds first production bike that rides on hydrogen by British Intelligent Energy was a feast for the eye and lungs. Last words were about certification in the UK, but now all sites are down. Did a silent engine die a silent death?

Soil lamp Written on September 6, 2008, by .

It’s a luminous idea to power a light by using mud. ‘To focus on the technique, the lamp is transparant and has the form of a simple householdlamp,’ says Design Academy graduate Marieke Staps. Although a splash of water a month is enough, the soil lamp is not the sustainable energy we’re waiting for. Earth batteries use copper and zink.

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