Future you Written on October 27, 2008, by .

Last year, like this year, I made a selection of Dutch creative graduation talent. Bart Hess and his architectural fabrics were in it. Good to see him working with fashionterrorist Walter van Beierendonck. In LucyandBart his fascination for genetic manipulation and beauty expression creates future human shapes and new body forms. A low – tech prosthetic way for human enhancement.

Wings for children Written on October 23, 2008, by .

Surplus architects 2012 are making more and more projects hence cleaning up some trash. Last week the playground Wikado, built of 5 wind mill wings with small cracks. Each year 200 wings are let down. Therefore 2012Architects gave each of the 40 assigned socially challenging neighbourhoods in the Netherlands a set of five and a free design on how to build it.

Shape changing sunscreen Written on October 22, 2008, by .

SmartScreen lost the Green Challenge from fungus. Needless to say this indoor sunscreen makes much more beautiful pictures to match a magazine. It makes you think of the facade of L’ Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris. To make the SmartScreen change shape, no energy is needed. Only a change in temperature. Green and convenient.

Skatepark Written on October 21, 2008, by .

Amsterdam based United Momentum Group develops real estate in Costa Rica and Poland. To show investors their sustainable projects, the UMG office doubles as a exhibition room with podium. Would be especially nice to work in this wooden landscape if you happend to be a skater. Interior by Van den Oever Zaaijer & Partners.

Blossom lights the streets Written on October 17, 2008, by .

Three new green concepts by Philips: recycle program The circle of life, Green cuisine with partially cooled fridge and Light Blossom. This last one is an urban street light that transforms itself from a poetic power-generating landmark to a LED-light. When no one is around, Light Blossom glows at a minimum level. Your movement will bring it to life.

Bar MoMo is a bit momotone Written on October 13, 2008, by .

A hotelbar is often a breakfast room gone design, but the recently opened MoMo in the Parkhotel adjacent to the Vondelpark, managed to break that habit. Momo actually houses non hotel guests in its interior that is done by Baranowitz & Kronenberg from Tel Aviv. Lots of repetition, which makes it a tad momotone.

Space to take place Written on October 13, 2008, by .

1000 places of Amsterdam ground were given away to China and the Oekrains. Space To Take Place consists of a long red bench on the newly poldered IJburg living area. Each seat on this bench acts as real estate to be given away by Dutch ambasadors abroad. Architect Claudia Linders won a competition for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that was hosted by Droog design.

Print without ink 1 Written on October 10, 2008, by .

clean streetNo ink, no glue, no paper but still an eye catching poster in the urban landscape. Using only a template, clean water and a spraying system, GreenGraffiti washes a communication message out of the dirt on surfaces in cities throughout the world.” It’s Alexander Orion’s reverse grafitti gone commercial.

Villa with a view Written on October 5, 2008, by .

The dilemma of space versus cosiness is addressed in Villa1. Extreme openness is made by leaving out doors and constructive walls. All gravity goes through the furniture. To create a snug atmosphere the 250 m2 plan is divided into an ypsilon. The grand view is framed by white ceiling and walls, as if it were a painting. Villa1’s is nominated for the AM/NAi architecture prize.

Spot on Written on September 10, 2008, by .

graduate Eindhoven Technical University 2008Light and sound can make or break your concentration. Leafs, the adaptive ceiling lighting by Hugo Nagtzaam, adjusts to our work. Focus? Leafs nearby turn to light your desk as others dim. Discussion? The whole ceiling becomes vibrant. ‘The lights watch their neigbour and do or do not adjust to the group, simular to the co-workers beneath.’

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