Make time go by Written on April 27, 2009, by .

“What is your must see?” was the most asked question in Milan. My highlight is Real Time by Maarten Baas. He reinvented himself as movie director and shows critique at our fast society. Sweeper clock shows two men working hard to make the fingers of the clock move. For sale as clock on a hard disk. Also see World clock, Grandfathers clock and the Analog digital clock.

Diamonds are temporary Written on April 17, 2009, by .

An alternative to the stitching of seats. The Diamonds Chair, made of hand died velcro and steel is build up layer by layer. Because of the many layers it is strong enough to sit on. Plus the structured pattern can after build up be stripped from its rigid perfection. A close cooperation between chaotic impulsive improviser Anna Ter Haar and neurotic perfectionist calculator Cris Bartels.

Cardboard office 3 Written on March 29, 2009, by .

Lack of time was why Paul Coudamy chose cardboard. The 160 m2 industrial emptiness turned into an office for 20 people in 7 days. Using only glue and tape Paris add firm Elegangz now has a flexible office that reacts on more or less employees in angled style. It’s flexible, speedy, cheap, stylish and recycled. Crisis can do that.

Recycled office too Written on March 27, 2009, by .

It’s a giant lego-like puzzle. 7300 Pieces of BeeBoard all have their unique place in the interior of graphic company ScherpOntwerp. “Everything here is cardboard,” explains architect Ad Kil from Ro-Ad. “Tables, walls, ceiling.” Rooms are voids in a giant cardboard block, almost reminding of the Vals Therme by Peter Zumthor where slates of stone are stacked to model space.

cardboard office Written on March 13, 2009, by .

When you make a temporary interior for an office that claims to start each commission from scratch, what do you come up with? Alrik Koudenburg went back to the beginning himself and built a life size cardboard model that is now the most hyped office online. “No I will not build one again. I like to start without knowledge. I need alienation which can only happen once.”

Voyeuristic setting Written on March 12, 2009, by .

When entering the performance You are here you are given a key to a hotel room. Alone in a bed in a hotel, the mirroring ceiling starts to ascend. Slowly 39 occupants appear. Answers to questionnaires slid under the door take part in a story read aloud. Dries Verhoeven: “Although we’re alone, other people are very closeby. And yet I’m here and you’re there.”

Recycled office Written on March 5, 2009, by .

As Gummo will rent the space in the old Parool newspaper building in Amsterdam for only two years, interior architects i29 sourced the furniture via Marktplaats (the Dutch eBay), charity shops and whatever was left over at the old office. Everything was then spray painted with polyurea Hotspray (an environmentally friendly paint) to conform with the new colour scheme.

TinTin museum Written on February 22, 2009, by .

Designed by Christian de Portzamparc with Dutch cartoonist Joost Swarte, the not yet finished Hergé museum is already named “Most beautiful building of Belgium.” The drawing style of Joost Swarte is based on the “clean-line” as Hergé used it. For a cartoonist to design a building interior is not that strange: Swarte also did the Toneelschuur in Haarlem.

Drink for the climate Written on January 9, 2009, by .

Stawberries & Cream asks bars what percentage of one night’s turnover they are willing to spend on the environment. The catch: highest bidder gets to spend his own earnings on greening his bar, where Search tells them how to spend the money best. Promo by Strawberries & Cream helps raise the night’s profit and the bar’s image. Party-profit-green, sounds like a win-win-win.

Design de Cologne Written on January 8, 2009, by .

January 19th the Furniture fair in Cologne opens, showcasing a shipload of Dutch goodies. At the unofficial extra program Passagen you can see Dutch design from 4 (Surface) till 158 (Brand van Egmond). The Dutch Corner (25) promises Jorre van Ast with demountable tables, Dennis & Bert, David Lindberg with epoxy dividing walls, Niels & Sven and personal favorite Sloom & Slordig.

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