Man made nature Written on July 31, 2020, by .

Building a new settlement tends to post war nostalgia and to the adventure of a Mars Colony. The architecture of ZieglerBranderhorst at Marker Wadden does indeed appear alien; a robot like viewing cabin and a windmill that rises from the dunes at night. At the same time, the settlement is as self-sufficient as an alien colony.

How the Dutch will feed the world Written on February 20, 2019, by .

Changing what you eat is your best bet on saving the world. The Netherlands is number 2 food supplier in the world and makes a change for the smart and sustainable. Read more about breakthrough technologies like your next burger that is grown in a lab by MosaMeat and how Solynta ships seeds instead of the potato in my article on the news site for change

Tiny Forests Written on February 14, 2019, by .

Woods the size of a tennis court bring nature back into the built environment. 100 of Tiny Forests are built in The Netherlands to enhance biodiversity, oxygen, shade and cooling. The mini city forests, invented by Japanese ecologist Akira Miyawaki, fit on mosts temporary plots before they become building sites.

Unique pieces of mass production Written on November 2, 2013, by .

PhD student Lore Langendries connects crafts to mass manufacturing in her research project Hunacturing (HUman NAture manufaCTURING). In jewels made by lasercutting 2 circles in different parts of animal skin and folding them she unlocks a world where mass production can produce unique pieces.

Most economical type Written on April 18, 2011, by .

Gulliver in 8.5-point looks just as large as a type like Times in 10-point. This allows newspapers printers to use less paper and cut on paper costs. Gerard Unger designed Gulliver in 1993 but never sold it for its green values. Once again, it’s the cutting of costs that is the selling point of sustainable design.

Neighbour to Zumthor Written on February 3, 2010, by .

What if you want to build a holiday home in sight of the architecural highlight Therme Vals? SeARCH and CMA found underground was the respectful place. Still the space and style of their Villa Vals displays a high architectural value for itself. The process was flexibel, making room to welcome unintended presents like a hidden well, lost brick, Swiss craftmenship and child’s play.

Vouwwow in the park Written on November 30, 2009, by .

A cardboard strip that is easy to carry, easy to fold into a chair and easy to produce. Vouwwow can be taken to the park or an event, anywhere that you would want a chair. I can also see temporary events use this cheap transportable chair. Vouwwow by Maartje Nuy and Joost van Noort won the Thonet / Mart Stam prize for innovative chair design.

Worn relics Written on November 22, 2009, by .

If you don’t fancy “I love bamboo” on your T-shirt, there’s a new option for green clothing. At Worn Relics (idea by Ruby Hoette) you can exchange your clothing and get a story with it too. To join you need a number coded worn label. On the label of a trenchcoat: “This jacket is STOLEN! From my old boss. He owed me money, so I stole his jacket.” Brilliant.

Villa built from waste Written on September 24, 2009, by .

Finally! We’ve been drewling over artist impressions and construction pictures for over a year, but Villa Welpeloo is finally ready for its occupants. The 300 m2 villa worth almost a million euros proves sustainable building doesn’t have to show. 80% of the building material is second hand, but that you only find out after gazing at its beauty.

Analogue website Written on August 31, 2009, by .

What to do when you’re  writer and are asked to make an exposition? The analogue website is the paper version of the website you’re visiting now. No fancy font but by hand, no pictures but the real thing, no weblinks but a post-it for you to take home. To be touched from August 28 at Witte de Withstraat in Rotterdam in galery Aanschouw. I’m nr. 1 in 10x Van Lieshout.

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