Fuel cell boat through the canals Written on November 30, 2009, by .

If you’re not the kind of tourist in Amsterdam that wants to exhaust fumes into the air (in any way), your boating trip can be emission free as of today. The new tourist boat by Lovers drives on electrics powered by a fuel cell. The energy that makes the electrolysis  to get energy into the H2 is delivered by a wind park in the North Sea.

Worn relics Written on November 22, 2009, by .

If you don’t fancy “I love bamboo” on your T-shirt, there’s a new option for green clothing. At Worn Relics (idea by Ruby Hoette) you can exchange your clothing and get a story with it too. To join you need a number coded worn label. On the label of a trenchcoat: “This jacket is STOLEN! From my old boss. He owed me money, so I stole his jacket.” Brilliant.

Libeskind Villa Written on September 29, 2009, by .

On 29/9/2009 I witnessed Daniel Libeskind open a new villa of his own hand. It’s the first of a limited edition of 30 villa’s to be build all over the world. Regional exclusivity will be granted if you buy this villa made in zink. You will also keep yourself from the stress of building your own home, since the Libeskind will be delivered as you’ve seen it and fully furnished. Art or architecture?

Villa built from waste Written on September 24, 2009, by .

Finally! We’ve been drewling over artist impressions and construction pictures for over a year, but Villa Welpeloo is finally ready for its occupants. The 300 m2 villa worth almost a million euros proves sustainable building doesn’t have to show. 80% of the building material is second hand, but that you only find out after gazing at its beauty.

Analogue website Written on August 31, 2009, by .

What to do when you’re  writer and are asked to make an exposition? The analogue website is the paper version of the website you’re visiting now. No fancy font but by hand, no pictures but the real thing, no weblinks but a post-it for you to take home. To be touched from August 28 at Witte de Withstraat in Rotterdam in galery Aanschouw. I’m nr. 1 in 10x Van Lieshout.

Stuff it Written on August 31, 2009, by .

Lida Baday designed the 15 below zero jacket to help homeless people through the cold. The insulation is provided by yesterday’s information: newspapers. To keep costs low the jacket comes without insulation but with an abundance of pockets to fill up with old papers. A temperature adjustable jacket that can also be worn as a backpack plus doubles as pillow.

Enjoy twice Written on August 28, 2009, by .

In 2010 in the US only, 236 billion drinking packages will be used. Due to the aluminium layer, the package is not suitable for paper recycling. Graphic designer Niels Craens researched advantage and disadvantage, and produced lamp Enjoy Twice. The words shine through the packages that lack aluminium. This makes the text only legible when the lamp is switched on.

Smash Repair Written on August 10, 2009, by .

“I hope to smash the structure and repair it once per day, but we’ll see what happens…. the process is quite unpredictable,”says Design Academy Graduate Guy Keulemans. Crossing the line between design, performance and art he made modulair building tiles following the Repair Manifesto. The detailing of the lasercut tiles is beautiful. One thing Lego lacks.

Live with it Written on August 3, 2009, by .

The Dutch have been known to dam and polder water. In the housing project Nieuw Water, a green house area will be given back to nature. The polder fills up and functions as a water container. A housing area with  appartment complex The Citadel floats atop, using 25% less energy thanks to water cooling techniques. “Stop fighting water, live with it” says architect Koen Olthuis.

Kick the closet Written on July 30, 2009, by .

A cabinet stuffed with clothes with doors unable to close, is usually not so nice to see. At the Art Academy in Utrecht, Nynke Boelens, made the stuffing into concept. ‘All the Things I Keep Inside’ is built of 580 loose elemenst tied together with elastics. The more junk, the better. Reminds me of the Kickit cabinet for sale at Magazin.

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