Moving grass Written on July 17, 2008, by Ingeborg.

The speed of vegetation moving North as a result of global warming, has been calculated to 1,67 meter a day. In two weeks, the plants in your backyard have arrived in your frontyard. René van Corven’s Victor Mobile has been travelling to the North Pole with the same speed since 2003. The cargo of the wagon is as delicate as the 7 wheel drive cart is sturdy.

1000 kilometers to the liter Written on June 30, 2008, by Ingeborg.

Wat car can run 1467 kilometers on 1 liter of gasoline? Eco-Runner II can. Very handy if you wish to drive a motorised banana. But still. It makes me feel that technology for private cars is stuck in the stone age. My car runs 12 kilometers on 1 liter. My 160 kilo motorbike can only make it 18 to 1. Eco-Runner proves we should do better than that.

No bus to Beijing Written on June 26, 2008, by Ingeborg.

It looks like a 6 wheel 300% stretched Ferrari. But Superbus is public transport at 250 km/hr. The man behind the wheel is our first astronaut Wubbo Ockels. “Superbus can pick you up at any time, so no wait. Directions are previously combined to fill the luxury seats.” The first electric drive to Beijing has been postponed. We’ll have to wait and see of this bus is super or shaky.

Autohotel Written on June 21, 2008, by Ingeborg.

“Parking lots, do they count as spacial places?” is what urbanist Evelien de Munck Mortier wants to know. Drive your car to her Autohotel and be part of the answer. Autohotel has stopped at the Dutch city of Culemborg and Amsterdam last year. Coming August The Hague is the new place between come and go. PS that’s my ‘78 Kadett shining on the right side.

Sexy Solar Speed Written on June 12, 2008, by Ingeborg.

Czeers MK1Wise people told them it’s too early for a speedboat solely on solar energy. So here it is, the Czeers MK1. The black carbon fibre racer is built for say Dubai, where carbon is fluent in fuel and where the überrich people of our planet are. “Like in the development of planes and cars, we believe innovative technique starts at the top of the market”, says Nils Beers of Netherlands-based Czeers.

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